Thank you for being loving and caring owners of my puppies.


Whisky Exclusive Toy lives in Cairo (Egypt) with Raquel.


Hello Piroska,
We have arrived home. Girls in road behaved well. One we have named Bella and another Lolo. Thanks you for our girls, all of them have very much liked.

Sincerely, Julia
(in Moscow)


Hi Piroska,

I took new pictures of Wolfi tonight and hope you can open them. He is such a doll and one spoiled brat! We love him dearly. If you ever need a letter of recommendation, just ask. We are very pleased with him.

Best regards,
in USA)


Szia Kedves Piroska!

Nemrég néztem meg az új weblapotokat és nagyon szép és nívos lett! Gyönyörûek a Yorky Babák és gratulálunk a rengeteg szép eredményhez! Gondoltam küldök Nektek egy pár új képet, hogy milyen is a kis tündér babánk mostanság! Mi nagyon büszkék vagyunk rá! Párját nem lehet a városban találni annyira szép pofija van! Nagyon sokat erõsödött tömör izom golyó! Nem kövér csak nagyon izmos! Talán lassan vége a tinédzser kornak, egyre ragaszkodóbb, nagyon szófogadó! Ragaszkodása abban nyilvánul meg, hogy inkább a mi ölünkbe fekszik, de nindenképpen úgy pihenget, hogy hozzánk érjen érezze, hogy ott vagyunk! Szóval tünemény, nagyon nagyon IMÁDJUK! Sokszor van úgy, hogy kérdezik honnan van a kutyus és elmondjuk és meg szoktam adni a telefonszámodat. Remélem nem gond és akik felkeresnek mind jó emberek! Küldöm a képeket! Remélem TE is nagyon büszke leszel a kis csöppségünkre! :))) Minden jót nektek, remélem találkozunk valamikor személyesen is szeretném, ha látnád a Yodát! Talán a következõ babynél!:)))))) Vigyázzatok magatokra!
Puszilunk Titeket!

Yoda & Gina & Zsolti


Szia Piroska.Küldök képet a Kimirõl.Szeretnék gratulálni nektek minden elért eredményhez,és a Kimihez is mert az õ elért eredménye a te tenyésztési munkád elismerése.Köszönjük mégegyszer neked és ha több cimet nem is ér el a Kimi akkor is családunk része marad mert nagyon szeretjük és max õ lesz a kiskedvenc.Nagyon szép az oldalad megnéztem habár kevés az idõm nagyon.Mint talán mindenki másnak is.Szióka.


I purchased a Biewer from Piroska in April '07, she answered all my emails proptly and was very informative on the breed. I did not find any problem with communicating at all, funds were done via wire transfer and she immediately notified me when recieved. Delivery of the baby was done via personal delivery and the baby was cared for the entire trip and was healthy, happy and full of play when I met the delivery person at the airport. The puppy was everything and more that Piroska had told me she was. She is very well socialized and great with kids. Piroska has stayed in touch and I look forward to aquiring another baby from her in the future. I highly recommend her, a person would be lucky to get one of her babies.
August 5, 2007

Nike lives in the USA


Hello Piroska!

Thank you very much for OH LA LA! She is beautiful girl!
We like her very much!
OH LA LA is fine, she has a new friend ME-ME. They play together very funnily.
OH LA LA sleeps near us because during the night she gets up from her place sometimes. She is eating very well and I'm happy.
I'll send you Oh LA LA's photos by e-mail after 2 weeks, when she will be larger.
Thank you for all and best regards, Elena.


Oh La La lives in Kiev

Dear Piroska,

Thank you so much! Lolita and Laszlo arrived safely and everything is just fine with her. She is so WONDERFUL and so much more one could ever wish for. She is really such a darling and a girly girl as you wrote in your letter. I have totaly fallen in love! :-))

She is laying on my lap and falling asleep while I'm writing this letter to you :-) Must have been a tiring trip for her. It was really a good idea to take this extra blanket with me as the weather is really wet and windy here today. She was shy at first when we arrived, but when she had seen and smelled every corner here, she got a lot braver. There is only one thing she does not seem to like and that's the other dog in the mirror :-)) She was barking but the dog did not go away. We have a big mirror in the living-room and this "other dog" was almost the first thing she saw here and this does not seem to give her peace. Hope that they will get along soon :-))

Thank you for sending the braces! As soon as the weather gets better we will try to go outside. Forecast is promising sunny and a bit warmer weather by the end of this week.
Unfortunately she lost the little red clip in her hair during the short walk from airport to the car as she was so eager to look out from her box (I noticed it only when I put the box onto the carseat), but we'll get her another one and I also saw that you had sent one really pretty one along with her. Thank you!

Again thank you for everything! And if anyone ever needs a confirmation as I got from Elena, you can freely give them my mobile no. and they can phone me.

I shall also try to send you pictures soon. Hopefully already tomorrow.


Hi Piroska,

I am very sorry that I have not answered you for such a long time. You're right, I have been busy with Lolita and my school lately :-)

Lolita is doing absolutely fine and it seems that she has made some peace with the mirror-dog though she is still not totaly happy with her yet :-) She is such a happy puppy and I think that she has now adjusted to her new home and to us. She sleeps in our bed during night keeping us warm and wakes us up every morning with her little kisses :-) She is absolutely super!

I attach some pictures we took the day she arrived. Hope to send you some more soon.

Thank you for raising such a wonderful little dog and trusting her with us!



Lolita lives Estonia


Hello Piroska,
Royal has arrived! He is wonderful and more than I Could expect. He is very happy and curious. Thank you so much. I will keep in touch. LINDA


Oliver lives in Canada:


Zaida as a beautiful young lady, visiting us with her owner, Hajni...
Zaida gyönyörû nagylány lett. Látogatóban nálunk gazdijával, Hajnival...

Hello Piroska,

It's Elena and OH LA LA from Kiev. How are you? How are your very nice dogs?
OH LA LA is fine. She is very beautiful and very nice girl. We love her very much.
Thank you very much for her, we are happy!
I sent you fotos of OH LA LA.
Best RegardElena
2008. 12.