Welcome to my Yorkie and Biewer Yorkie website!

My name is Piroska, I am the proud owner of the Exclusive Toy Kennel. I live with my husband, three children and our Yorkie puppies in Budapest. Our puppies and dogs are treated and loved as family members.

Our purpose is to give as much joy and happiness to their future owners as much we get from these puppies every day.

Our Exclusive Toy babies can be found all over the world, in The United States, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, The Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Estonia and of course Hungary.

The transportation of our puppies is stress-free and guaranteed to be safe.

Our reliable American transport lady or Hungarian gentleman both take care of the puppies' needs throughout the journey.

Of course, we only sell healthy puppies, thoroughly checked by vets, with a series of vaccines that are due at their age, pedigree, microchip and passport.

I'm more than happy to keep in touch with my customers and share breeding, showing and keeping information and advice.

Our bloodlines:
Exclusive Toy Axel, Boffy, Moskovskiy Talisman Vikkers Lloyd, Camparis Blueprint, Camparis Stars And Stripes, Aloha and Broadway of Happy Blue, Royal Talizman Beautiful Lady, Rechy Upof Millmoor, Superior Uadine, Durrers Beautiful Stranger, Szamóca The Smaragd The Royal Crown, (Biewer-Yorkie bloodlines), Hollyboy White Love Of Sweet Devil (Europa-Sieger), Alice Schneelady Vonder Honiggrube, (Jüngsten-Beste, Jüngsten-Orc-Ch Jüngsten-Champion), Giovanni Snowman Vom Little Blümchen( Junghund-Europasieger), Kitty Schneeflöckchen Vonder Gartenstad (Jü-Sg-2 Europa, Orc-ju-Ch, Jü-Ch, Jü-Ch, Jü-Ch, Intern-Ch.)